24th June 2016

Our 6 step process to building you an effective website is shown below:


1 - Choose your design  

We have developed 3 simple yet effective designs that can be effectively personalised with Text, Logos and Images to reflect you companies look and feel. All you need to do is pick one of the designs from HERE and call / email us. 

Once you have done this a member of our team will be in touch to start the planning of your new website and take your 50% deposit. 

2 - Plan Your Sites Layout / Structure 

Planning your websites structure in detail is really important. Our team will discuss your requirements and the objectives that you want the website to achieve. All of which will be highlighed on your planning document, including any required images / text we will need to complete your new website. 

 3 - Send us your Text & Photos

Now you know what you want to put in your new website, we will put you together a planing document to confirms the structure and everything that we need to be able to build you site for you. 


4 - Putting it all together

Once we have all the information required in your 'Planning Document' we are able to start the techie bit, but more importantly, this is when your '7 Day Guarantee' starts.  


 5 - Testing & Proofing

7 Days Later, we will upload your website to a private ‘testing server’ for final bug fixing
and your sign-off by you. 

6 - Make your Site Live!!! 

Once we have received the final payment, we will upload your shiney new website to your domain, then it's over you...